Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Teacher Interview Questions

1. What can you bring to teaching?
2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
3. Can pupils be forced to learn?
4. How would you deal with difficult behaviour? Strategies?
5. How have you implemented educational theory in your lessons?
6. Why do you want to teach in this school?
7. How would you cope with a high number of SEN children?
8. How would you cope with an EAL child?
9. How would you promote cultural diversity?
10. How would you handle a difficult phone call?
11. What do you like and dislike about teaching?
12. Do you like to be challenged?
13. What would your ideal school look like?
14. What is your educational philosophy?
15. Are you patient?
16. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
17. How would you present a new word?
18. You have a gifted child with a behaviour problem, how do you cope?
19. How would you give recognition?
20. Can you give too much recognition?
21. Is it good to build rapport?
22. You have an ostracised child, what do you do?
23. What are your views on grouping?
24. What are you interests and hobbies?
25. How would you cope with different learning styles?
26. What opportunities for assessment are there?
27. How would you deal with a racial incident?
28. How would you get respect?
29. How do you deal with bullying?
30. How do you plan for assessment?
31. What children’s books do you know of?
32. How would make sure that ‘Every Child Matters?’ (remember sheep)
Every child matters
S =Staying safe
H =Being healthy
E = Enjoying and achieving
E = Achieving eco wellbeing
P = Making a positive contribution
33. How would you ensure that there was ‘Excellence and Enjoyment?’
34. Are you a reflective teacher?
35. How would you fit into our after-school provision?
36. Can you tell us about a lesson that went well and why?
37. What do you think about the current Education Secretary?
38. What changes will you implement in your teaching to allow for the new literacy and numeracy strategies?
39. What do you think about our latest Ofsted report?
40. What do you think about our latest SAT results?
41. If I walked into your classroom during a lesson, what would I see?
42. What is the best way to work with a TA/LSA?
43. Where do you find resources?
44. A teacher’s day is a very busy one and yet some find the strength to contribute to extra-curricular activities. Are these valuable? Do you feel you could contribute to an extra-curricular programme?
45. A child in your class complains of being bullied. What do you do?
46. Tell me about the value of your ‘further professional qualifications’ and courses attended listed on your CV.
47. You have a downright disruptive / naughty child in your class. How do you deal with her/him?
48. What will your number one priority be when you take up a full time teaching post?
49. Teaching is a profession of long hours, hard work, only adequate financial reward and a varied public image. Tell us why you want to be part of this profession.
50. ‘Parents should be allowed no further than the front door of the school.’ How do you feel about this statement?
51. As NQT amongst a long-established population of teachers in school, how will you establish yourself in school?

52. What do you understand by the phrase ‘Inclusion’?
53. An irate parent bounces into your classroom at 9:00 one morning. How will you handle this situation?

Source:The Tutors’ Association

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