Monday, July 23, 2007

Points to remember

• One of the first questions asked during interview is “Can you say something about yourself ”?
• Can you describe about your self and what you have achieved till now?
• Why do you want to leave the current company?
• Where do you see yourself after three years?
• What are your positive and negative points?
• How much do you rate yourself in the technology you are appearing for the interview in one out of ten?
• Are you looking for onsite opportunities? (Be careful do not show your desperation of abroad journeys)
• Why have you changed so many jobs? (Prepare a decent answer do not blame companies and individuals for your frequent change).
• Never talk for more than 1 minute straight during interview.
• Have you worked with previous version of SQL Server?
• Would you be interested in a full time Database administrator job?
• Do not mention client names in resume. If asked say that it’s confidential which brings ahead qualities like honesty
• When you make your resume keep your recent projects at the top.
• Find out what the employer is looking for by asking him questions at the start of interview and best is before going to interview. Example if a company has projects on server products employer will be looking for BizTalk, CS CMS experts.
• Can you give brief about your family background?
• As you are fresher do you think you can really do this job?
• Have you heard about our company ? Say five points about our company? Just read at least once what company you are going for?
• Can you describe your best project you have worked with?
• Do you work on Saturday and Sunday?
• Which is the biggest team size you have worked with?
• Can you describe your current project you have worked with?
• How much time will you need to join our organization? What’s notice period for your current company?
• What certifications have you cleared?
• Do you have pass port size photos, last year mark sheet, previous companies employment letter, last months salary slip, pass port and other necessary documents.
• What is the most important thing that motivates you?
• Why you want to leave the previous organization?
• Which type of job gives you greatest satisfaction?
• What is the type of environment you are looking for?
• Do you have experience in project management?
• Do you like to work as a team or as individual?
• Describe your best project manager you have worked with?
• Why should I hire you?
• Have you been ever fired or forced to resign?
• Can you explain some important points that you have learnt from your past project experiences ?
• Have you gone through some unsuccessful projects, if yes can you explain why did the project fail?
• Will you be comfortable with location shift? If you have personal problems say no right at the first stage.... or else within two months you have to read my book again.
• Do you work late nights? Best answer if there is project deadline yes. Do not show that it’s your culture to work during nights.
• Any special achievements in your life till now...tell your best project which you have done best in your career.
• Any plans of opening your own software company...Beware do not start pouring your bill gate’s dream to him.....can create a wrong impression.


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