Friday, March 27, 2009

What is cairnghorm ? how do you use it Have you worked with Cairnghorn

Question :What is cairnghorm ? how do you use it?Have you worked with Cairnghorn?
Answer :Cairngorm is the lightweight micro-architecture for Rich Internet Applications built in Flex or
AIR. A collaboration of recognized design patterns, Cairngorm exemplifies and encourages bestpractices
for RIA development advocated by Adobe Consulting, encourages best-practice leverage of
the underlying Flex framework, while making it easier for medium to large teams of software
engineers deliver medium to large scale, mission-critical Rich Internet Applications.
The benefits of the Cairngorm architecture are realized when developing complex RIA applications
with multiple use-cases and views, with a team of developers, and with a multi-disciplinary
development team that includes designers as well as creative and technical developers.
How is the MVC pattern carried out in a Flex + Cairngorm application?
- Model:???? Role of the ModelLocator & Model Objects
- View:???? Role of View Components & Event Objects
- Controller: Role of the FrontController & Command Objects

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