Friday, March 13, 2009

Can a Session Bean be defined without ejbCreate() method (EJB)

Question :Can a Session Bean be defined without ejbCreate() method? (EJB)
Answer :The ejbCreate() methods is part of the bean's lifecycle, so, the compiler
will not return an error because there is no ejbCreate() method.
However, the J2EE spec is explicit:
the home interface of a Stateless Session Bean must have a single create()
method with no arguments, while the session bean class must contain
exactly one ejbCreate() method, also without arguments.
Stateful Session Beans can have arguments (more than one create
method) stateful beans can contain multiple ejbCreate() as long as they
match with the home interface definition
You need a reference to your EJBObject to startwith. For that Sun insists
on putting a method for creating that reference (create method in the
home interface). The EJBObject does matter here. Not the actual bean.

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