Friday, March 27, 2009

How do you use a repeater

Question :How do you use a repeater?
Answer :: The Repeater class is the runtime object that corresponds to the tag. It creates
multiple instances of its subcomponents based on its dataProvider. The repeated components can be
any standard or custom controls or containers.
You can use the tag anywhere a control or container tag is allowed, with the
exception of the container tag. To repeat a user interface component, you place
its tag in the tag. You can use more than one tag in an MXML
document. You can also nest tags.
You cannot use the tag for objects that do not extend the UIComponent class.
MXML Syntax Hide MXML Syntax
The class has the following properties:
recycleChildren="false|true" startingIndex="0"
repeat="No default" repeatEnd="No default" repeatStart="No default" >

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