Friday, March 13, 2009

What are the benefits of Clustering (Workload Management) (EJB)

Question :What are the benefits of Clustering (Workload Management)? (EJB)
Answer :They are
1. It balances client processing requests, allowing incoming work requests
to be distributed according to a configured Workload Management selection
2. It provides fail over capability by redirecting client requests to a running
server when one or more servers are unavailable. This improves the
availability of applications and administrative services.
3. It enables systems to be scaled up to serve a higher client load than
provided by the basic configuration. With server groups and clones
additional instances of servers can easily be added to the configuration.
4. It enables servers to be transparently maintained and upgraded while
applications remain available for users.
5. It centralizes administration of application servers and other objects.

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