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IBM Test 000-285 Sample Questions

IBM Test 000-285 Sample Questions
Q1. Which searches can be performed within the WebSphere Studio Workbench?
a. Text
b. Regular Expression based
c. Syntactical
d. Java

Ans. d

Q2.Which of the following are valid properties of Schema?
a. Cluster
b. Database Name
c. Folder
d. Name

Ans. b,c,d

Q3. How can you monitor requests and responses between application server and
a Web browser?
a. monitors
b. agents
c. watchdog functions
d. TCP-IP Monitoring Server

Ans. d

Q4. In which directory, the web.xml file must reside under the
context of the hierarchy of directories for a Web Application?
a. WEB
d. LIB

Ans. b

Q5. Which component automatically manages refactoring for Websphere developer?
a. JIT
b. JDT

Ans. b

Q6. If content assist is available for the positioned cursor, and a pop-up list of available choices is displayed while launching content assist, which is based on:
a. Directory Tree
b. schema
c. content
d. context

Ans. d

Q7. Which amongst them is valid for Web session management for server
a. Enable SSL keys
b. Enable Cookies
c. Enable URL rewriting
d. Enable URL substitution

Ans. b,d

Q8. "Java content assist is available", this is best described by-
a. Web Projects
b. EJB Projects
c. Scriptlets
d. All of the above

Ans. a,c

Q9. Entity beans with Container Managed Persistence fields are mapped to?
a. Database tables
b. Columns
c. Rows
d. Databases

Ans. a,b

Q10. Which of them is the WebSphere Studio debugger's function?
a. Remote debug
d. Thread suspension
c. Step over and step in
d. Set breakpoints
e. All of the above

Ans. e

Q11. tag is used for?
a. get a property value in a JavaBean
b. set a property value in a JavaBean
c. redirection
d. all of these, but in a different manner

Ans. b

Q13. Suppose you have an EJB project.When you import into this project, what happens
to Deployment Descriptor and Extension Information:
a. They get merged
b. They get overwritten
c. They get copied
d. No change

Ans. a

Q14. HTML content assist can be accessed by:
a. Shift f5
b. Ctrl Space
c. Select File menu, Select Content assist
d. none of these

Q15. Which is necessary to query database in WebSphere studio?
a. SQL builder plugin
b. Presence of data in a database
c. Access to database
d. All three

Ans. a,c

Q16. Server configuration contains information required for _
a. Project set up
b. Project removal
c. Set up and publish server
d. EJB creation

Ans. c

Q17. In which case VM does not terminats?
a. System.exit()call
b. Page is closed
c. Page is terminated in debugger
d. All of the above

Ans. d

Q18. In Export wizard, which export destination is invalid?
a. RAR file
b. WAR file
c. SQL datbase
d. CVS file
e. FTP

Ans. c,d

Q19. Which of the following is not supported by Websphere Studio V5.0?
a. Informix
b. DB2
c. PeopleSoft
d. Sybase

Ans. c

Q20. Consider the host variable :HOST. Which is the database vendor then?
a. MySql
b. PeopleSoft
c. DB2
d. Oracle
e. Informix

Ans. c,d,e

Q21. How can we filter tables from a view of a database?
a. Programming to restrict JDBC
b. Can not be filtered
c. Restricting resultset programmatically
d. Adding a filter using DBExplorer

Ans. d

Q22. When creating a new server project, server instance identifies -
a. containers
b. components
c. server
d. Runtime environment

Ans. d

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