Thursday, April 2, 2009

Asp.Net Interview Questions Part IV

31. What tag do you use to add a hyperlink column to the DataGrid?


32. What is the transport protocol you use to call a Web service?

Ans. SOAP is the preferred protocol.

33. True or False: A Web service can only be written in .NET?

Ans. False

34. What does WSDL stand for?

Ans. (Web Services Description Language)

35. Where on the Internet would you look for Web services?

Ans. (

36. Which property on a Combo Box do you set with a column name, prior to setting the DataSource, to display data in the combo box?

Ans. DataTextField property

37. Which control would you use if you needed to make sure the values in two different controls matched?

Ans. CompareValidator Control

38. True or False: To test a Web service you must create a windows application or Web application to consume this service?

Ans. False, the webservice comes with a test page and it provides HTTP-GET method to test.

39. How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain?

Ans. It can contain many classes.

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