Monday, March 24, 2008

halley is clarks father&arthur is halleys father.after some years when
halleys age is equal to arthurs age,halleys age becomes 5 times of
present age.clarks age then is 8 times his fathers present age.
sum of arthur & halleys age is 100
find clarks present age;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; (2 marks)
(there were some blank spaces left)
answer 1 2 1 2 6
- 5 4 6 3
5 6 6 3
problem no. 3(4-marks)
there are two glasses, one is filled with orange juice and other is
filled with apple juice both in equal quantities say 50 50 ml. 50%
orange juice is poured in apple juice and than the 50% mixture of
orange and apple juice is poured in the glass of orang
e juice. Now you have to find out how much orange juice is there in
apple juice glass and vice-versa. (3)
answer-------equal amount
problem no 4(5-7 marks)
There are three tribes Pokka (always tells true), Wokka (always tells
lie), and Solla (alternately tells true/lies (say for example
true-false true or false-true-false)). There are three persons
Add, even, divide and there are s
ome statements given by the persons. The statements are as
Add says--
1. My house no. is divisible by 4.
2. " second statement don't remember".
3. The difference between each of these houses is 13.
Even says--

1. Add's house no is divisible by 12.
2. My house no. is 37.
3. "third statement don't remember".
Divide says--
1. Add's house no. is divisible by 3.
2. My house no is 30.
3. No one's house no. is divisible by 10.
Their house no.s are in the range of 1 to 50. Now you
have to rmine, these three persons belong to which
category of tribes You also have to tell their house no.
answers are----
Add-------->Wotta--------->Lies--------->house no. ?
Even-------->Pokka-------->True---------> ?
Divide------>Solla-------->alternate----> ?
problem 5(4-marks)
there are two boats across a of the boat starts
from x and proceeds to y at the other river end.while the other
boat starts from y and proceeds to x.the first time these two
boats meet is 200 kms from x.they continue their journey
reach y and x respectively.
when they come back they meet at a point
which is 400 kms from y .find the width of the river ..
(the figures aren't precise but this is a simple problem)
there are 2 twins--the 1st twin speaks the truth on mon,
wed,fri and lies on tue,thu,sat.while the 2nd twin speaks truth on tue
thu,sat and lies on mon,wed,fri.Both of them speak the truth on
there are 4 sub-questions
a) 1st twin: yesterday was sunday
2nd twin:yes you are speaking the truth
i can remember only the 1st bit .there are 3 more

2 families jones and smith.jones family has 4 children
smiths family has 3 family has 2 twins
----there were some conds. given.u have to tell the
members of each family-and their ages....
my friend could recollect the answers verbatim
jones ages smith ages
------- --------
d- 10 h- 15
d- 10 b- 13
w- 8 b- 11
remainig one --
the names are lengthy--d-,w-h-b- are all their names first
letters---find the exact names in the q papers

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