Friday, April 25, 2008

B.Ed Abbreviation Questions

Q-1 STP stands for

Q:2 T& D stands for

Q:3 TA stands for

Q:4 TADA stands for

Q:5 TAFE stands for

Q:6 TAPS stands for

Q:7 TB stands for

Q:8 TCP stands for

Q:9 TDA stands for

Q:10 TERLS stands for

Q11 TFT stands for

Q:12 TIFR stands for

Q:13 TISCO stands for

Q:14 TLC stands for

Q15 TPM stands for

Q:16 TRIPS stands for

Q:17 TSE stands for

Q:18 TTC stands for

Q:19 UCI stands for

Q:20 UCR stands for

Q:21 UGC stands for

Q:22 UNCTAD stands for

Q:23 UNESCO stands for

Q:24 UNI stands for

Q:25 UPA stands for

Q:26 UPS stands for

Q:27 UPSC stands for

Q:28 VAN stands for

Q:29 VAT stands for


1 software technology park

2 transmission & distribution

3 territorial army

4 Terrorist & Disruptive activity act

5: tractor & Farm equipment limited

6 Tarapur Atomic power station

7: Tuborculosis

8: Transmission control protocol

9: Trade development authority

10 Thumba equatorial rocket launching station

11 thin film transistor

12 Tata Institute of fundamental research

13: Tata iron & steel company

14: total literacy campaign

15: Total productivity maintance

16: trade related intellectual property right

17: test of spoken English

18: tracking & command

19 Universal childhood Immunization

20: Under colour removal

21 University Grant Commission

22: United nation conference on trade & development

23: United nation educational scientific & cultural organization

24 United News of India

25: United Progressive alliance

26: uninterrupted power supply

27: union public service commission

28: Virtual area Network

29: value added tax

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