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Bioinformatics Interview Questions

1. One of the following not comes under classification of databases on the basis of type of data:

a. Nucleotide sequence b. Protein sequence c. Primary db d. Metabolic pathway

2. Which is the identifier in Genbank

a. Entry Name b. Locus c. both d. None

3. Genbank is updated

a. Per week b. Daily c. Monthly d. yearly

4. EST means

a. Expressed sequence tags b. Extreme sequence tags c. Extended sequence tags d. All

5. Tool used in NCBI to identify similar protein 3 D structures:


6. Which is the literature database of the following:

a. GEO b. PubMed c. EST d. MMDB

7. What is the system used for searching NCBI data

a. Entrez b. SRS c. google d. Bankit

8. Which is the submission system for EBI

a. Webin b. Saskura c. Bankit d. None

9. PDB stands for

a.Public DNA Bank b. Protein Data Bank c. Protein DNA Bank d. All of the above

10. How the Genbank format sequence starts

a. Origin b. sequence c. start d. None

11. How the fasta format file starts:

a. begin b. > c. start d. entry

12. ExPASy used for

a. Nucleic acid analysis b. Protein sequence and structure analysis c. chemical analysis d. All

13. PDB managed by

a. NIH b. RCSB c.EBI d. PIR

14. An automated comparative protein modeling server is:


15. In CATH, T – represents:

a. Torsion b. Topology c. Target d. tRNA

16. ClustalW used for

a. Structure prediction b. Motif analysis c. Multiple sequence alignment d. None

17. First biological database was made by

a. Dayhoff b. Darwin c. Pauling d. Markov

18. 1Hae is an ID of the following databse

a. EMBL b. Genbank c. PDB d. Uniprot

19. KEGG is an structural database

a. true b. false

20. Books available in the following site

a. EMBL b. NCBI c. RCSB d. PIR

21. It is a freely accessible database of protein and genetic interactions

a. GOD b.Motif c. BIOGRID d. None

22. VAST is ____________________________________________

23. BLAST is ___________________________________________

24. Server which predicts the presence and location of signal peptide cleavage sites is

a. Sigpred b. SignalI c. SignalP d.Sigprepred.

25. Before analyzing sequence, it can be converted into different formats using

a. Formcon b. Readseq c. Readcon d. Confor

26. Gene prediction tool at NCBI is

a. Genscan b. Genefinder c. ORF finder d. All

27. Translate tool at ExPASy provides, how many number of frames of frames of translation

a. 3 b.4 c.5 d. 6

28. Characters are homologous with conserved function known as

a. Analogous b. Orthologous c. Paralogous d. Xenologous

29. Which type of PAM matrix mostly used

a. PAM 100 b. PAM150 c. PAM200 d. PAM250

30. Which type of BLOSUM matrix mostly used


31. Pair-wise alignment include

a. Local b. Global c. Both d. None

32. Tool used for Local alignment is

a. BLAST b. ClustalW c. ORF Finder d. Genscan

33. Which alignment might be useful for phylogenetic analysis

a. Pair-wise b. Multiple c. Both d. None

34. Phylogenetic analysis tools include

a. Phylip b. PAUP c. Both d. None

35. Following tool used for primary structure analysis

a. SAPS b. PAPS c. PrimAna d. PriPred

36. Secondary structure predicted by

a. GOR b. COILS c. Nnpred d. All

37. Homology Modelling server is

a. SWISS-MODEL b. 3DPSSM c. Phyre d. Rosetta

38. 3DPSSM predicts tertiary structure through

a. Homology b. Threading c. Abinitio d. All

39. Abinitio approach of tertiary prediction achieved by

a. SWISS-MODEL b. 3DPSSM c. Phyre d. Rosetta

40. Quarternary structure predicted by

a. SWISS-MODEL b. Mercury c. Mericity d. Quantum

41. Vadar used for

a. Alignment b. Structure prediction c. Structure validation d. None

42. Mathemtical representation of Conserved region known as

a. Motif b. Profile c. Pattern d. Module

43. __________ finds structural and sequence motifs in protein sequence

a. Patsearch b. Prosear c. ProfileScan d. Prof

44. ____________ tool used for Pattern construction

a. Pratt b. Patcons c. Both d. None

45. Which produces the abinitio prediction of protein function from sequence

a. ProtFun b. PFP Server c. Pratt d. All

46. Which pathway database based on reference pathway maps:

a. Metacyc b. Ecocyc c. KEGG pathway d. UM-BBD

47. Pathway prediction system of UM-BBD predicts pathway from

a. SMILES b. structures c. Both d. None

48. Which components of Marvin Beans used for structure drawing

a. Marvin Sketch b. Marvin View c. Marvin space d. All

49. Phylip stands for _____________________________

50. PSSM stands for _____________________________

51. ORF stands for ______________________________

52. HMM stands for _____________________________

53. BioEdit used for

a. Similarity studies b. Structure Prediction c. Profile search d. Motif search

54. The study of the effects of drugs on tissues and organs is called as

a. Pharmacodynamcis b. Pharmacokinetics c. Pharmacophore d. All

55. Pharmacophore term defined by

a. Pauling b. Ehrlich c. Koshland d. Watson

56. Lipinski’s rule states that the drug has not more than ________ hydrogen bond donors

a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5

57. _________________ is an example for automated docking program

a. Hex b. Argus Lab c. Autodock d. VegaZZ

58. How many ways Denovo designing might be used for drug designing

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

59. Leads means

a. Chemical b. drug c. Possible drug d. All

60. ADME-TOX Prediction tool is

a. ADME predictor b. ADME pr c. ADME cal d. None

61. How many phases of clinical trials should be carried out

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

62. _________ should approve proposed clinical trial for drug designing

a. DCGI b. DIG c. President d. Prime Minister

63. ________________ is 3D protein viewer

a. Marvin space b. Rasmol c. Swiss PDB Viewer d. All

64. How many patients should be studied for clinical Phase II trial

a.10-15 b. 20-25 c. 30-35 d. 40-45

65. Hex software used for

a. alignment b. Viewer c. Docking d. None

66. Designing a drug molecule atom by atom against a receptor or target known as

a. Denovo b. QSAR c. Pharmacophore mapping d. Docking

67. Clinical trials for Vaccine contains _________ number of phases

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

68. In how many centres clinical trials should be carried out

a. 1-2 b. 2-3 c. 3-4 d. 4-5

69. A traditional chemist can synthesize _____________ compounds per year

a. 100-200 b. 200-300 c. 300-400 d.400-500

70. Artificial Intelligence term is coined by

a. John McCarthy b. Watson c. Meselson d. George Mitchel

71. When Human Genome Project formally proposed?

a. 1975 b.1985 c.1995 d. 2005

72. When Human Genome Project work was officially started?

a. 1970 b. 1980 c. 1990 d. 2000

73. Which sequencing method efficiently helpful for Human Genome Project?

a. Sanger Method b. Maxm-Gilbert method c. Whole Genome Shotgun d. None

74. How many SNPs present in Human Genome reported by HGP?

a. 2.2 million b.2.1 million c. 3.3 billion d.4.2 billion

75. When first completed report of Human Genome was released?

a. 2000 b.2001 c. 2002 d. 2003

76. When Human genome sequencing initiated?

a. 1996 b.1997 c.1998 d. 1999

77. What is the type of Recombination vector generally recommended for HGP?

a. Plasmid b. Cosmid c. BAC d.YAC

78. How many Protein coding genes might be present in Human Genome?

a. 10,000 b.40,000 c. 80,000 d. None

79. How many groups involved in HGP?

a.10 b.20 c.30 d.40

80. What is the percentage of Human Genome sequenced properly?

a. 50% b.60% c.94% d.84%

81. Large genome annotated database is

a. Genbank b. Uniprot c.Ensembl d. MMDB

82. Ensembl is maintained by


83. How many species support provided by Ensembl as by 47th release on 2007

a. 55 b.45 c.35 d.25

84. Data mining tool used to analyse ensemble

a. Chime b.Rasmol c.BioMart d. None

85. What is the database used in ensembl

a.Oracle b.MS-Access c.Mysql d.all of the above

86. Name the protein sequence database

a. Uniprot b.PIR c.Swiss-prot d.all of the above

87. Speech recognition softwares works based on

a. Cobalt b. AI c.Language d.None

88. ----------- is the program used for natural selection and artificial phenotype selection.

a. Genetic algorithm b. MOD c. ClustalW d. None

89. Robotics based upon the following field

a. Cobalt b. Mysql c.AI d. all of the above

90. ------- - is an interconnected group of artificial neurons and processes information using a connectionist approach to computation.

a. Neural network b. Network c. Internetwork d. Intranetwork

91. Name the software for neural network.

a. SNNS b. Emergent c. JavaNNS d. all of the above

92. SNNS stands for __________________________________________.

93. Name the software for Natural Language Processing

a. openNLP b. SPSS c. SAS d. None

94. RDP Stands for -------------------------------------------

95. Darwin stands for -----------------------------------------------

96. --------------------- is a database that provides comprehensive information on mammalian microRNAs.

a. Argonaute b.RDP c.tRNADB d. None

97. ARED _____________________________

98. tRNA genes are identified by using

a. tRNAscan b.Translate tool c.Chime d. Hex

99. The generation of messenger RNA expression profiles is referred as

a.transcription b. trasncriptomics c.Genomics d.RNAsyn

100. CADD stands for ___________________________________


  1. c
  2. b
  3. b
  4. a
  5. c
  6. b
  7. a
  8. a
  9. b
  10. a
  11. b
  12. b
  13. b
  14. c
  15. b
  16. c
  17. a
  18. c
  19. b
  20. b
  21. c
  22. Vector Alignment Search Tool
  23. Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
  24. b
  25. b
  26. c
  27. d
  28. b
  29. d
  30. a
  31. c
  32. a
  33. b
  34. c
  35. a
  36. d
  37. a
  38. b
  39. d
  40. c
  41. c
  42. b
  43. c
  44. a
  45. a
  46. c
  47. c
  48. a
  49. Phylogeny Inference Package
  50. Position Specific Scoring Matrix
  51. Open Reading Frame
  52. Hidden Markov Model
  53. a
  54. a
  55. b
  56. d
  57. c
  58. b
  59. c
  60. a
  61. d
  62. a
  63. d
  64. b
  65. c
  66. a
  67. c
  68. c
  69. a
  70. a
  71. b
  72. c
  73. c
  74. b
  75. a
  76. d
  77. c
  78. b
  79. b
  80. c
  81. c
  82. b
  83. c
  84. c
  85. c
  86. d
  87. b
  88. a
  89. c
  90. a
  91. d
  92. Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
  93. a
  94. Ribosomal Database project
  95. Data Analysis and Retrieval With Indexed Nucleotide/peptide sequences.
  96. a
  97. Adenylate Uridylate (AU)-Rich Element Database
  98. a
  99. b

100. Computer Aided drug design


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