Friday, March 13, 2009

Question Can you control when passivation occurs (EJB)

Question :Question Can you control when passivation occurs? (EJB)
Answer :The developer, according to the specification, cannot directly control when
passivation occurs. Although for Stateful Session Beans, the container
cannot passivate an instance that is inside a transaction. So using
transactions can be a a strategy to control passivation.
The ejbPassivate() method is called during passivation, so the developer
has control over what to do during this exercise and can implement the
require optimized logic.
Some EJB containers, such as BEA WebLogic, provide the ability to tune the
container to minimize passivation calls.
Taken from the WebLogic 6.0 DTD -
"The passivation-strategy can be either "default" or "transaction". With the
default setting the container will attempt to keep a working set of beans in
the cache. With the "transaction" setting, the container will passivate the
bean after every transaction (or method call for a non-transactional

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