Friday, March 13, 2009

What are the enhancements in EJB 2.0 with respect to CMP (EJB)

Question :What are the enhancements in EJB 2.0 with respect to CMP? (EJB)
Answer :EJB 2.0 extends CMP to include far more robust modeling capability, with
support for declarative management of relationships between entity EJBs.
Developers no longer need to re-establish relationships between the
various beans that make up their application -- the container will restore
the connections automatically as beans are loaded, allowing bean
developers to navigate between beans much as they would between any
standard Java objects.
EJB 2.0 also introduces for the first time a portable query language, based
on the abstract schema, not on the more complex database schema. This
provides a database and vendor-independent way to find entity beans at
run time, based on a wide variety of search criteria.

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