Friday, March 13, 2009

What are the main benefits of J2EE (EJB)

Question :What are the main benefits of J2EE? (EJB)
Answer :J2EE provides the following:
Faster solutions delivery time to market. J2EE uses "containers" to simplify
development. J2EE containers provide for the separation of business logic
from resource and lifecycle management, which means that developers can
focus on writing business logic -- their value add -- rather than writing
enterprise infrastructure. For example, the Enterprise JavaBeansTM
(EJBTM) container (implemented by J2EE technology vendors) handles
distributed communication, threading, scaling, transaction management,
etc. Similarly, Java Servlets simplify web development by providing
infrastructure for component, communication, and session management in
a web container that is integrated with a web server.
Freedom of choice. J2EE technology is a set of standards that many
vendors can implement. The vendors are free to compete on
implementations but not on standards or APIs. Sun supplies a
comprehensive J2EE Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) to J2EE licensees. The
J2EE CTS helps ensure compatibility among the application vendors which
helps ensure portability for the applications and components written for
J2EE. J2EE brings Write Once, Run AnywhereTM (WORATM) to the server.
Simplified connectivity. J2EE technology makes it easier to connect the
applications and systems you already have and bring those capabilities to
the web, to cell phones, and to devices. J2EE offers Java Message Service
for integrating diverse applications in a loosely coupled, asynchronous way.
J2EE also offers CORBA support for tightly linking systems through remote
method calls. In addition, J2EE 1.3 adds J2EE Connectors for linking to
enterprise information systems such as ERP systems, packaged financial
applications, and CRM applications.
By offering one platform with faster solution delivery time to market,
freedom of choice, and simplified connectivity, J2EE helps IT by reducing
TCO and simultaneously avoiding single-source for their enterprise
software needs.

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